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Descripción del servicio
Las emergencias son aquellas situaciones que ocurren de manera espontánea o accidental y que de una manera imprevista afectan la salud de la persona, al utilizar este servicio el usuario recibe asistencia médica mediante un exhaustivo interrogatorio, examen físico y la administración rápida y efectiva de los medicamentos y procedimientos que se requiera para estabilizar y preservar la vida ante posibles lesiones, enfermedad o circunstancias que afecten la misma. Los servicios de en Emergencias son: Emergencia Pediátrica, RCP, Triaje, Medicina Interna y Maternidad-Obstetricia.

A quién va dirigido
A todo el público

Servicio ofrecido por:
Sala de Emergencia del Hospital

Requisitos para la solicitud
Ir a atenderse a la sala de Emergencias del hospital con Cédula de Identidad y Electoral o Pasaporte.

Procedimiento para obtener el servicio
Usuarios deben acudir a la sala de Emergencias.
Pacientes pueden ser referidos de otros centros.
Paciente pueden referidos desde la consulta.

Horario de prestación
24 horas todos los días


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10 octubre, 2021

Cuál es el costo de la Radioterapia.!!!

Manuel Reyes


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14 agosto, 2021


my name Amer moukalled i am from Lebanon i live in Beirut age 62 years.

I work as Assistant anesthesiologist

For novel and venous surgery

in open hearts surgery in Hôtel dieu de France

In Beyrouth achrafieh

My professional language is French, i speak French fluently,arabic mother tongue

And Algerian fluently.

I studied at Aix University Marseille France

1st degree DEUG 1979 1981

I worked 4 months in Onsag institutions for the care of the elderly at home

I worked as an anesthesiologist in the burn department at Douira Hospital, Algeria, in 1992 1993 1994

I was moving patients in ships and emergency first aid.

I have obtained a state medical diploma in anesthesia recovery from Algeria,  baccalaureate in addition to 4 years of anesthesia and resuscitation studies in 1987.

My diploma gives em the right to work as anesthesiologist in open-heart surgeon

In the veins, arteries


Special needs disability- Caregivers – personal Assistant- critical care- Emergency Room -home nurse aid – clinical

Nerve therapy massager

Clinical and respiratory diagnosis

oxygen Blood pressure and heart rate regulation.

My experience is excellent in home care

• Management of patients in the postoperative period

I am specialist in anesthesia for novel and venous surgeries, and open heart surgery

I had the best in anesthesia for 32 years

•I have a French driving license.

Because I work at a French university Hospital, I train students who want to work in anesthesia and recovery.

My basic mission

I prepare the operating room well and as soon as the patient arrives I take a vein and I take his blood pressure and I put on the cardiac monitoring and we do the anesthesia with the anesthetist and then I do the intensive care anesthesia according to  the operation

Planning and designing work procedures in the operating room, recovery room and anesthesia.

And sometimes we get an emergency at midnight until the next day

Many students come to learn anesthesia and I teach them .

I am Specialist in pediatric anesthesia surgery for Adults-Baby children’s

I have a big experience resucitating patients

I have techniques to provide emergency care

the skills of intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous injection

And major health problems

Exp- for the Red-Cross to resuscitate patients

•I have learned in a variety of nursing environments, including the emergency room, home health care services, and Regional Medical Center’s pediatric department. I have strong people skills and strive to acquaint myself with each patient’s family members and support system to best facilitate an effective long-term care plan that will send patients home with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain their health at home

I have a lot of scope for obstetrical assistance and I’m always in the room.

I am ready to give my long experience to your company

I don’t have a problem with the time if at night or any time .

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the requirements of the position with you further at your convenience, You can reach me at +961-767-39770,


 or email me at dramermoukalled@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Amer Moukalled.

Amer ali moukalled